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Do you want to have the hottest and mind blowing sex ever? Wait, you do not need to grab the latest Kama Sutra to fulfil you erotic dreams. Certainly, you don’t have to be as good as the Cirque-du-Soleil gymnasts to reap the benefits of a few new variations. All you need is this list of the best sex positions and the hottest woman in town.

Perth EscortsWhat could be the best way to achieve the best orgasm in bed? Of course, having to experience the best and wildest positions you could ever think of. While others may be a bit easy, the ultimate sexual experience will keep you craving for more. You will surely enjoy these positions with an Escorts in Perth WA because they are not just sizzling hot; they will surely hit all the right spots!

1. Coital Alignment Technique
This coital alignment technique will definitely produce more orgasms that you could ever imagine. Women will surely love it because of the clitoral stimulation that this position gives! The result? Multiple and mind-blowing orgasms one after the other! When you try this tonight, you’ll never look at missionary the same way again!

2. Deckchair
The deckchair is one of the most sought after sexual positions that men love because of the sense of power it gives them when they “fold” their partner. This stance will improve the angle of penetration as you rest your weight on her legs. Not only that, the thrust you make aligns your penis to her G-spot.

3. Asian Cowgirl
This rodeo ride will surely bring her to the peak of her pleasure mountain! The Asian cowgirl is best when you are low in stamina or needs a break from all the thrusting you have been having. You just let her do all the work while you are lying on your back and enjoying the view.

4. Speed Bump
This is really something that could surprise you. It is sexy and definitely delivers a tingling sensation in her G-spot. Give it a try when she feels submissive and wants you play the dominant role.

5. Doggy Style
There’s a good reason why doggy style is considered to the best sexual stance for the rear entry! It’s actually the easiest way for her to achieve orgasm. Furthermore, there’s something about this position that brings out the animal in every guy!

6. 69
For those who love oral sex, 69 will let you give and receive at the same time. Even though this may take a little coordination and confidence from both of you, this bedroom move is surely worth every effort!

7. Camel Style
This camel style is one sexual position that most women enjoy. Think about it, she is able to enjoy deep penetration of a doggy-style while you’re face to face.

8. Cowgirl
The best thing about the cowgirl is the amount of clitoral stimulation it gives. The more she will lean forward, the better the friction is for her.

9. Missionary Positions
While you find missionary to be the most common and boring, this can still provide you a sense of intimacy as you feel your body heat. In addition to that, this is the best position to start with before you want to move into something more adventurous.

Having sex is the best thing that could happen to you — most especially if you choose to spend it with the sex goddess from Escorts in Perth WA. Visit their gallery and have a look at the hottest and sexiest woman you could have sex with. It is a guarantee that they can make you reach orgasm multiple times!


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