Escorts in Perth Wa – Dating Tips & Advice That You Should Completely Disregard or Ignore

For most people who are clueless about dating, or even casual hookups, the best source of advice or guidance would be from the hordes of dating or sex experts online, as well as those you find in magazines and radio talk shows. But while some dating or hookup tips really do work, the truth is that a lot of the “advice” given out there is unreliable, or just plain bad! Here are a couple of dating tips or advice that you should completely disregard, and ignore.

“Don’t Have Sex on the First Night”

Does anyone still give this kind of dating advice today? Because if they still do, perhaps you should skip the dating brouhaha, and go straight to bed instead with the hot and sizzling Escorts in Perth Wa!

Like anything else in life, it’s impossible to tell how a relationship will pan out, and some people are just really into casual sex, and would be willing to show you much after just three drinks! But if the sex was just terrible, you know not to bother calling.

“Treat Them Mean”

Whether you’re being “mean” is just part of a “seduction technique”, or you’re simply mean, the truth is that in the 21st Century the people who perpetuate hair-pulling, freezing out and other forms of meanness are not good dates!

While there are specialist night clubs or groups for people who want to be mean in some form (like BDSM?), again the truth is that nobody wants to spend an eternity being treated with mild contempt (or with a little violence) by a potential lover!

“Compliments Make You Look Sexist or Needy”

If someone is handsome or pretty, or well-dressed, then say it. Who says that compliments are unwelcome today, or simply cheesy? Sometimes (or shall I say more often?) your potential date or hookup partner will need to hear a couple of compliments too.

However, avoid complimenting stuff such as certain body parts (breasts, etc.) or fascist and racist opinions to your potential date or hookup partner, or even to your favourite Escorts in Perth Wa!



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