Escorts in Perth Wa – The Beginner’s Guide To Using Restraints During Sex

We are sexual beings, and thus we are naturally curious about experimenting with various sensations, or types of stimulation. Perhaps this assumption explains why the use of sexual restraints is becoming quite popular today, and is no longer just a fixture in BDSM circles. Sex experts point out that the combination of pleasure, pain and power is simply too tempting for the sexually adventurous to resist. If you’re curious about using restraints during sex, here’s a guide for budding beginners.

It’s All About Relinquishing Control  Have you ever tried using restraints like handcuffs, or just simple tools like silk scarves and handkerchiefs with your hookup partner, or with your preferred Escorts in Perth Wa? If you try using these tonight in bed, you’ll definitely know that there’s something sultry and exciting about power play!

In using restraints during sex, while the dominant partner enjoys the feeling of complete trust and the thrill of having power over their lover, the submissive one will enjoy feelings of vulnerability, anticipation and eagerness!

The sex restraints used can be as simple as one partner holding the other down, but there are a wide range of products available in sex shops offline and online today, from the innocent silk scarf right to full body restraints.

How Beginners can Incorporate Using Restraints in the Bedroom

For those who are new to using restraints in the bedroom, here are a couple of helpful hints. First, try using restraints that allow you to easily break out of them. This way, you’ll be able to focus on the fantasy rather than worry about how to escape from them if things don’t go according to plan!

If you are letting someone tie you up, then you need to be sure that they’ll release you as and when you want to be released, or that they won’t do things that will make you feel uncomfortable.  The same rule also applies when it’s you who’s tying up someone else.

It would be also be a good idea if you make an agreement with your girlfriend, or your favourite Escorts in Perth Wa, about how far you want to go before you start, as well as consider using safe signals and stop words.



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