Sex Toys And Allergies

Have you experienced itching around your genitals or worse, getting those nasty-looking red splotches all over your body after a round of coupling? No doubt, you were having allergies! Your skin may be sensitive to the sex toy or lube you just used. Bedroom experts like the Escorts in Perth Wa advise you to read labels first before using any adult implements. And in the case of lube, to test it beforehand on your skin to see if you’ve got any allergic reaction to it.  You already know you have sensitive skin therefore, exercise caution when buying your toys. As you know, the areas around the penis and vagina are delicate, so be careful in choosing materials that won’t make matters worse.

For sure, you’ve heard of the word ‘hypoallergenic’? Manufacturers put it on labels of almost any merchandise from crayons, cosmetics, kids’ toys to sex gadgets, and more. One of the substances labelled as such is silicone – the component most sex toys are made of.

Choose Silicone For The Best Results

In particular, silicone refers to a group of inert synthetic materials (no chemical reaction) which are indigestible. So, if you happen to ingest it, your body just excretes it without further ado. The substance also has moisturising properties hence, your favourite skin and hair care products may contain them, too.

Bottom line is, if you desire to buy your own bedtime gizmo, go for the purely silicone-made to achieve the best possible results. It’s smooth and soft to the touch. If in case, you still got some skin irritation after being cautious, this could be triggered by the following irritants:

  • soap you used for cleaning the item
  • shampoo or lotion you used on your hair and body
  • detergent used in washing your undies
  • the lube you used during fucking, and the like

Ruling out the first three, the lube could be the culprit. To minimise your allergies, buy a water-based lube and use it with your silicone device. Switch to a hypo-allergenic cleaner in washing your toy.

If symptoms persist, go see your doctor since the possibility of having a STI can’t be ruled out. To be safe, better date the impressive Escorts in Perth Wa. They know the ins and outs of safe sex! Browse the gallery without delay.



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