Three Truly Unique Sex Positions That You Should Try Out This Valentine’s Day 2017

Perhaps you’ve already made a couple of resolutions for the New Year, especially the ones that pertain to sex and relationships. But do you have any resolutions that pertain to having better sex this year? If you haven’t created one yet, perhaps you should include these three truly unique sex positions into your list of must-try activities for 2017, especially during the next  Valentine’s Day!

The Ottoman Empire  What a way to welcome the New Year, than by delving more time into enjoying lots of great erotic activities with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Escorts in Perth Wa! According to researchers from the University of Colorado at Boulder, the people who had sex at least once a week were 44% more likely to be happy than those who didn’t get down at all!

And perhaps you and your partner could try out a sex position called the Ottoman Empire!  To do this, lie on the back of an ottoman (without wheels) so it will support your entire back. Have her straddle you so she can move up and down. If you have a stronger core, you can move half way down the ottoman, which should give you more freedom to thrust!

For a little twist, your woman could even opt to kneel between your legs and perform oral sex on you, or straddle your face while you perform oral sex on her, while she sits on the ottoman!


The CAT, or coital alignment technique (I wasn’t referring to an animal!) is a twist of the missionary position, which increases clitoral stimulation for women. To do this, start in the missionary position, and shift your body up and over to one side. Rock forward and back instead of thrusting up and down, to help maintain direct contact with her clitoris.

The Maypole

To do the Maypole sex position, start from the chair position, have her wrap her legs around you. Next, have her lean back, and with your hands beneath her bum, lift her up and move to an almost standing position. Lift her up and down your shaft. And to help maintain your energy, keep your legs slightly bent.

What’s so nice about the Maypole is that it’s a bit wild and the challenge can really feel exhilarating. In addition, your girlfriend, or lovely Escorts in Perth Wa’s clitoris will rub against your pubic bone,  and thus make things extra pleasurable for her (as well as for you!).



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